Study room or scientific exchange?

Anyone who deals intensively with a topic is well advised to network with others. Because the exchange of knowledge creates new ideas and ideas.

One of the most important prerequisites for furthering one’s own research lies in a suitable environment: Even the most ingenious scientist will remain well below his potential, if he only researches in a quiet room, jealously guards his results and ignores the research results of other scientists.Blog: Artikelbild as a teaser – student reading

Creative solutions for difficult problems arise especially when communicating and when contributions from other subjects are included: Perhaps ideas can be transferred, perhaps a colleague who is researching a completely different topic – and therefore not about the operational blindness of the longtime Themenkenners has – the brilliant idea.

Increasing networking

It is easier than ever to participate in the scientific debate: the media environment allows for quick research, finding thematic blogs or exchanging them in forums. Many scientists are pleased to receive feedback on their findings and the opportunity to explain them.

At universities there are colloquia that allow, for example, doctoral students to present their designs, the discussion then helps to work out unfinished ideas and to give new impetus to the thinking work.

Especially for students, the exchange with their fellow students not only provides the opportunity to rethink their ideas, but also an important emotional support that helps them overcome periods of drought and periods of doubt.

Exchange is necessary!

It is almost always advisable to seek the exchange – you do not usually have to worry about an “idea theft”. For the original idea is the least part of a scientific work, while the implementation takes the greater part of the effort; Even if two authors start from the same idea, the final product will be very different.

Customers who lack time, inspiration or expertise sometimes hire ghostwriters as academic thinkers – so they get a text that at least shows what a professional approach to the subject can look like.

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