“Fighting the Side” vs. scientific work

Many students are simply overwhelmed by the task of writing a term paper. So overwhelmed that they do not notice that a housework is not a coffee cup to fill.

After the given margin, the font and size, the line and paragraph distance has been set, it goes to work. Words, sentences, paragraphs are written – but at some point “the air is out”: Although everything seems to be said, many pages are still missing. What next?

Anyone who receives the task of writing a scientific text of 15 pages on a particular topic at the beginning of the course can assume that the lecturer has indeed thought about it: the page number – be it 10, 15 or 20 – is binding determines and gives students the opportunity to speak different degrees depending on the topic; Accordingly, not all is said after 7 or 8 pages.

Presumably some of the topic or task was overlooked or much under-treated.


Such a problem can be avoided in advance; Already during the preparation of the structure, the task, the question or the thesis can be formulated in such a way that individual, shorter subsections can be found.

Not only does this provide conceptual clarity, it also helps to better and more accurately edit the shorter chapters. At the same time, the big task is subdivided into several smaller – and thus easier to fulfill – tasks.

And the literature?

It is also important to pay attention to the right selection of literature right from the start. It makes sense to go from the general to the specific, so start with the introductory literature. This provides information about the rough topic, the individual fields and the scientific discussions.

Anyone who comes across a text that reflects only one detail of the entire range of topics should not use it until the end of the work – otherwise there is a risk of getting lost in details without being aware of their role in the whole subject.

Incidentally, a free scientific activity does not ask for the scope of the page, but subordinates it to the question.

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